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Lesbos: An island of eastern Greece in the Aegean Sea near the northwest coast of Turkey. An important Aeolian settlement, Lesbos was noted for its lyric poets, including Sappho “THE FAMOUS LESBIAN POET”, in the seventh century b.c. After occupation by various powers, the island was annexed by Greece in 1913.

Lesbian: is a homosexual woman. Lesbians have or prefer to have romantic and sexual relationships with other women. NOUN:1. A native or inhabitant of Lesbos.2. The ancient Greek dialect of Lesbos. ETYMOLOGY: The word "lesbian" originally referred to an inhabitant of the island of Lesbos, in ancient Greece. The term has come to have its current meaning due to the ancient Greek lyric poet Sappho, who lived on the island; her poems concerned love between women. Whether Sappho was herself a lesbian, in the modern meaning of the term, or simply a poet who described lesbians, is open to question; whilst she did indeed write poems about love between women, there is some dispute as to just how far to interpret her writings in this fashion. This association with Sappho led to the term sapphism being used as another term for lesbianism.


A woman who loves women emotionally, spiritually and physically. Identifies as a woman, wommin, womyn, wimmin (or any other variations). Generally seeks out other lesbians but may also be attracted to butches and/or femmes. May be androgynous (neither masculine or feminine) looking and acting. May call herself a dyke.


1. A homosexual woman .(love or desire) for people of the same sex A person who is sexually or romantically attracted only to people of the same gender

2. Pertaining to lesbians or lesbianism.

awomen loving women fem 2 fem
what is lesbian ?

1. What is lesbians?

Lesbianism starts with feelings. A woman can feel love and affection for another woman, and also feel sexually attracted to her. She can fall in love with women and want to express these feelings in a sexual way. If she has these feelings mainly or only for women, she may call herself a lesbian (or gay woman or female homosexual).

2. Can any woman be a lesbian?

Not every woman is a lesbian, but many women do have lesbian feelings. Most women are involved with men or married. Some of these women are lesbians. If a woman chooses to be a lesbian, she is one. Many women do not have a free choice about the way they want to live and love, but they may be lesbians also. Any woman can be a lesbian: your neighbour, your doctor, your sister, your teacher, your daughter.

3. How many lesbians are there?

According to surveys done at different times and in different countries, one to two out of every 20 women are lesbians. Some research has found that 50 percent of the women interviewed had lesbian experiences and feelings. There would be many more lesbians if women had a free choice. But currently it is considered 'normal' in most societies to be heterosexual (women loving men) and 'abnormal' to be homosexual (women loving women).

4. Where in the world does lesbianism occur?

Everywhere, in every country, culture and society. But in some societies women are free to choose, while in others women have little choice about how they will live. It may seem that in western countries, where it is often easier to be a lesbian, that there are more lesbians, but this is probably not correct. Society may influence how visible lesbians may be, and society may suppress lesbians, but the feeling cannot be killed. As international lesbian networks grow, we learn about more hidden groups and individuals in more and more countries

5. What causes lesbianism? Can it be cured?

Some lesbians believe they are born lesbian, others feel that they have chosen to be lesbian. There may be many causes, just as there are many causes that make someone heterosexual. But why try to find the cause or causes? For a long time homosexuality was considered a disease. 'Cures' such as injecting lesbians with female hormones or placing lesbians in rehabilitation camps were tried. Homosexuality is not an illness and 'cures' such as those above amount to physical and mental torture

6.How do lesbians live and love together?

Lesbian relationships take many forms. There are single lesbians, celibate lesbians, monogamous lesbian couples, lesbians who live together but are not monogamous, lesbians who also have relationships with men. The important thing is that everyone has a free choice about creating her own way of life. Many lesbians do not want to imitate heterosexual ways of living, where one partner is feminine, the other is masculine, dividing the roles according to the sex. The same is true for sexual loving: you find out, by yourself and/or with other women, what you like and what you don't like. There are no rules except the ones you make for yourself.

افيدكم بالعربي

رقم 1 تعريف الليز

بدايات سُحاقيةِ بالمشاعرِ. أي إمرأة يُمْكِنُ أَنْ تَحسَّ حبَّ ومودّةَ للإمرأةِ الأخرى، ويَشْعرانِ جَذبا أيضاً جنسياً إليها. هي يُمْكِنُ أَنْ تَقعَ في حبّ النِساءَ وتُريدُ أَنْ تَبدي هذه المشاعرِ عَلى نَحوٍ جنسي. إذا عِنْدَها هذه المشاعرِ بشكل رئيسي أَو فقط للنِساءِ، هي قَدْ تَدْعو نفسها a سحاقية (أَو إمرأة مرحة أَو أنثى شاذّ جنسياً).

رقم 2

لا كُلّ إمرأة   سحاقية، لكن العديد مِنْ النِساءِ عِنْدَهُنّ مشاعرُ سحاقيةُ. أكثر النِساءِ يَرتبطنَ بالرجالِ أَو تَزوّجنَ. البعض مِنْ هؤلاء النِساءِ سحاقياتَ. إذا a إمرأة تَختارُ لِكي تَكُونَ a سحاقية، هي واحد. العديد مِنْ النِساءِ ما عِنْدَهُنّ a إختيار حرّ حول الطريقِ يُريدونَ عَيْش ومَحَبَّة، لَكنَّهم قَدْ يَكُونون سحاقياتَ أيضاً. أيّ إمرأة يُمكنُ أَنْ تَكُونَ a سحاقية: جاركَ، طبيبكَ، أختكَ، معلّمكَ، بنتكَ.

رقم 6

تَتّخذُ العِلاقاتُ السحاقية أشكال عديدة. هناك سحاقيات وحيدات، سحاقيات عازبات، أزواج سحاقيات أحادي الزواج، السحاقيات اللواتي يَعِشنَ سوية لكن لَسنَ أحادية الزواجَ، السحاقيات اللواتي عِنْدَهُنّ العِلاقاتُ أيضاً مَع الرجالِ. إنّ الشيءَ المهمَ ذلك كُلّ شخصِ عِنْدَهُ a إختيار حرّ حول خَلْق طريقةِ حياتها الخاصةِ. العديد مِنْ السحاقياتِ لا يُردنَ تَقليد الطرقِ المتغايرة الجنسِ مِنْ معيشة، حيث أنَّ شريك واحد أنثوي، الآخرون مذكرةُ، يُقسّمُ الأدوارَ طبقاً للجنسِ. نفس حقيقيُ للمَحَبَّة الجنسيةِ: تَكتشفُ، لوحدك و/ أَو مَع النِساءِالأخرياتِ، الذي تَحْبُّ وما أنت لا تَحْبُّ. ليس هناك قواعد ماعدا الواحدِ تَجْعلُ لَك.

وبالنسبه للعضو الذكري او الصناعي
وسبب استخدامه الليز

الجنس عند الليز مختلف كثير عن باقي الجنس

مثل رجل وامرأه او شواذ الرجال

الفتاة تميل للفتاة بدرجه كبيره وتعشق جسم المرأه بدرجه كبيره

اكثر مما تتصور نظرا لتهيجها والشهوات الكبيره
التي تحدث في الجنس

اول اجابه   سبب استخدام الدلدوو الصناعي

هو التغيير في الجنس واشباع جميع الرغبات واحساسها

بعدم الحاجه للرجل وفي بعض الفتيات لايمنعون من استخدامه

ولكن تمنع الجماع مع الرجل نظرا لعدم رغبتها مع الرجل

وكرهها لهيئة او جسم الرجل حتــى لو كان ملاك

يغريها جسم المرأه اكثر ويحسسها بالعاطفه الروحيه

والجسديه والنفسيه اكبر وطبعا الحب المتواجد بينهم

يزيد في الجنس نسبه كبيره اكبر من الجنس مع الرجل

تكون الفتاة حابه العضو الذكري على حبيبتها

او على بويه اكثر مجرد احساسها انها فتاة لايهم
استخدامها لاي كان

والوصول للنشوه الجنسيه والرعشه والتواصل المستمر في التنزيل

اما الرجل فهو يسرع للوصول الى رغباته الجنسيه والانتهاء منها

وطبعا اخذ الراحه حتى يقوم بالاجماع مره اخرى لو نقول انه ممكن يكون 4 مرات

متواصل معها لايمكن ان يكون قد وصل الى النشوه والهياج الجنسي كما الليز

الزبده الليز حرفنه في الجنس العاطفي الروحي

ومحبين للمداعبات والقبلات الحاره المليئه بالمشاعر قبل اي شي

copy from boyaq8
It's truly not fair that you can have monogamous affairs and unfaithful relation, but the whole nation looks at us as " Lesbians" the start of that inflation.
Every body say that we are a devil's creation for showing affection we become the infected people, like   we are   a disease or some common sickness...

they talk so much trash, about how wrong I am, and that the promise land doesn't have a place for me. Last time I checked I didn't have to answer to anyone but the man upstairs" GOD" , but you don't care, the lord and me share, something that human hands can never tear.

I can't blame them for not being open-minded, but at least take time to find the piece that's missing. Instead of dissing my lifestyle, make time here worthwhile, because whether you like it or not I'm still going to smile.

Maybe you haven't realized it yet, or your brain is too small to accept the concept or maybe it's something you just don't get but.
I'M A LESBIAN, so get over it!!!!!! *